Hi there! I'm Bakir.
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In a Nutshell 

Bakir Alkhateeb is an enthusiastic professional currently working as a freelance consultant and running a start-up business. Most recently he provided consultation for the Municipal Partnerships Conference in Germany including 34 different cities. 


In his previous job at the Tourism Development Council, Bakir managed the financial and marketing operations. Including leading marketing campaigns in international markets such as ITB -Berlin 2019, and creating EnjoyBethlehem brand. ​Additionally, he managed to improve the accuracy of the council's budget forecasts and minimized the variance to 11% down from 27% and Attained a 48% cost reduction on the largest activity of 2018 while maintaining top-notch deliverables.

Bakir earned his bachelor's degree in business administration and is now a candidate for CMA certification. Together with Google's marketing certificate, both allows him to have an analytical mentality and an eye for details in today's result-oriented market.

Career Background

Digital Branding Strategiest


Feb 2020 - present

Brand Consultant Assistant


July 2019 - February 2020​​

Web-Development Consultant

Civil Society Programme | GIZ

March 2019 - June 2019

Management Accountant 

Tourism Development Council of Bethlehem 

February 2017  - July 2019

Communication Consultant

Local Governance Reform Programme  | GIZ

August 2019 - January 2020​​

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Solutionist Mindset

Creative Planning

Resource Management

Public Speaking

Tech Savvy​

Value Accounting